Traditional Family Values

Traditional Family Values - Marriage


The foundation of marriage has its roots in the beginning when God created man and woman and declared that they would be one. Marriage is a God-ordained institution.  This is evident as a traditional religious component is present in most all marriage ceremonies regardless of culture.

Temples, churches, synagogues, priests, pastors and rabbis are generally places and people involved in ordaining the union of two people in holy matrimony.  Marriage is a stabilizing foundation in society.  It satisfies the needs for companionship, establishes a boundary of protection for intimacy through monogamy, and provides a balanced environment (mother and father) for reproduction. 

Marriage is designed to provide security, provision and perpetuate family values, morals and traditions from one generation to another for future continuity.  This is God’s design for society and civilization.

Melting Pot Patriots believes and supports traditional marriage as the union of one man and one woman as the only true marriage institution. We reject all other forms of marriage and civil unions.


Traditional Family Values - Family


God created a man and a woman to procreate, produce offspring to populate and have dominion over the earth.  Studies show that children raised in a family consisting of a mother and a father are safer, protected, and happier than children born or raised in single-parent or same-sex parented families. 

The original design of a mother and a father is the best environment designed for raising children.  Both parents, male and female, provide the balance of protection, tenderness, discipline, and encouragement needed to help children during the developmental stages of life into adulthood. 

The values of the parents are reflected through family traditions, morals and values. Studies show when marriage is devalued or counterfeited (such as same-sex unions) families suffer, children suffer, and society as a whole is negatively impacted. Marriage also benefits parents and grandparents through family stability, support, and successful future generations.

Melting Pot Patriots believes children have the right to be raised by two parents of the opposite sex, a mother and a father.  We reject that a same-sex parental household is an acceptable environment to raise children.


Traditional Family Values - Faith


America was built upon the Judeo-Christian religion.  The founders believed in a supreme being, the mortality of man, and eternal rewards or punishment for deeds done in this life. There is a universal belief in a supreme being in each and every culture throughout the world.

Humans are innately created with the recognition of a supreme being to whom propitiation is due.  From the beginning of time and throughout antiquity, all civilizations acknowledged and paid homage to a supreme being or beings. 

The founding fathers of America reliance upon the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God is evident throughout the development of this great nation.

Melting Pot Patriots believes in the importance of the free exercise of religion according to the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and its prohibition against the infringement of that by the government.

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