Membership Types

Foundational, National, International

  • Foundational: born in other country, living in usa
  • National: born in USA
  • International: citizen of other country

Membership Levels

Basic Membership

Basic members get access to the MPP Posts, Videos, Events & Resources.

Exclusions: they will only see the other members':

  • Name
  • Business Name
  • Country
  • Languages spoken
  • City and State of Residence

    [Upgrade to see more information about members.]

As a result, they will have to conduct a search engine search (external of system) to get the member's contact information.

Limiting this access above for free members will incentivize upgrading to another membership level below.


Professional Membership: $100/yr

Paid members will be able to see more contact info of other members.

  • member's email
  • member's phone numbers
  • member's urls
  • member's bios

[Upgrade to Pro to enable direct messaging functions.]

Exclusion: no direct contact (convenient) via the system


Executive Membership: $250/yr

Paid members will be able to see ALL information about other members (as they allow) and will also be able to:

  • message direct from system
  • text messages direct from system
  • 25% discount on all events
  • drawing for annual conference

Members Control Permission for Others to see their info.



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