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Melting Pot Patriots

Who owns Melting Pot Patriots?

Melting Pot Patriots is a privately owned and operated by Paul A. Taylor.


Who are Melting Pot Patriots?

Melting Pot Patriots: people who live in the United States of America that were born in other countries are first generation Patriots.

Melting Pot Patriots are Patriots who love the Constitution of the USA and are willing to fight to defend it.  They voluntarily and gratefully choose to embrace the spirit of the historic American tradition, they love liberty and advocate individual responsibility.

Melting Pot Patriots accept and practice traditional family values.

Melting Pot Patriots are Citizens of the USA or would like to become citizens.

Values, Vocation, and Vision

History has proven that the combination of Values, Vocation, and Vision are critical to building a successful society as well as developing successful citizens.

The moral values of a community set the tone of peace, unity and cooperation of the citizens to have an alignment to better that community. Values also move toward goals which one is Vocation. To set one's sights on who one will be in the future often is considered on what their community needs.

If it needs teachers, some people will study to be teachers. Auto mechanics are always needed to care for the community autos and so forth. Educate individuals makes for an educated society. Lastly, Vision identifies the destiny of the communities.

If we don't know where we're headed, we won't know when we get there! planning is shrewd business because without a plan, the intersections of Values, Vocation, and Vision might collide or outright miss the connections that are intended to build the right foundation for future generation such as your children, their children and their children.

All three of these ingredients are important to Melting Pot Patriots. Without these messing together, we can not be responsible managers, stewards, and community leaders. MPP has the keen desire to uphold these ideals as the normal way of us working together to build great communities. 

What is

What is "The Melting Pot"?

The meaning we ascribe to The Melting Pot is the idea that people from other nations become a part of American because they love what the USA stands for as it relates to our freedoms that come from God and are protected by our LAW (the US Constitution).

Inclusion over Diversity

The American Melting Pot is comprised of people from all over the world that come here to participate in such a way as to be included in American way of life rather than isolated from it.


Become a Sponsor

We are establishing a firm foundation for American society
based upon mutually respectful love,
natural law, traditional family values
and absolute liberty under God.

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