Judge Steven Bailey (Ret.) is a managing partner in the law firm of Bailey & Romero.  The firm handles civil rights, political rights, election law, 1st Amendment, criminal law, family law and bankruptcy. The firm has offices in San Lorenzo, Whittier and South Lake Tahoe, California.

Judge Bailey was first elected to the bench in 2008 after 19 years of practice. He served for 8 ½ year with a trial assignment that included civil, criminal, probate, wills and trusts, family and juvenile law.  He retired from the Superior Court of El Dorado county, California in August 2017 to become a candidate for California Attorney General.  He was nominated by the voters of California as one of the top two candidates in the 2018 general election where he received nearly 4.5 million votes.

California has been well served by his professionalism, vast legal knowledge, and experience on the bench. He presided over cases as a Judge in the Superior Court and served as Presiding Juvenile Judge for 4 years. In 2014, he faced no opposition in re-election and was elected to his second term.

His very diverse caseload has included human trafficking, criminal activity, domestic violence, mental illness, family law and elder abuse and presides over juvenile criminal and dependency cases. Understanding the plight of our veterans in the criminal justice system, he brought Veterans Court to El Dorado County. He sees the effect of drug use in children and adults and the impact on local communities from realignment (AB 109) and Proposition 47. Bailey understands the many issues that our state’s chief law officer oversees and handles.

Bailey has an astute and clear understanding of the legislative process gained by serving for nearly 8 years as the Deputy Director (in charge of Legislation) for the Department of Social Services under Governor George Deukmejian. After this state service and prior to taking the bench, he had a successful law practice for 18 years.

Bailey has 30 years of legal experience including 8 ½ years as a judge. He is proud to join with Melting Pot Patriots, people of all nationalities who have come loving America, who hold Traditional Family Value and who work hard every day pursuing the American dream.

Bailey’s father, Richard, instilled in him a call to serve: as a young man, the Boy Scouts; as a young adult, the US Marine Corps Reserves; and then as an Attorney and Judge. Born and raised in California and with his deep appreciation of the state’s history, Bailey understands California and continues his readiness to serve.  


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