Flashback to 8/13/1969, when I stepped foot onto the American soil and left my homeland of Germany with all my beloved family and friends behind, it was a big move, a leap of faith and an act from the heart that pointed the “sliding door” toward west!

I grew up in postwar Germany as part of the generation that helped rebuilt a country out of ashes. It was with the assistance of the US Marshall plan, that the devastated German people had a chance to take the help of the Americans and learn to help themselves to become a free nation! I witnessed the division of Germany West and East after the Allies split up the territories.

I was the lucky one to be born in Stuttgart in West Germany! The East was in the Russian territory and called DDR (German Democratic Republic!) under the disguise of Socialism, which is a nice way to label Communism. As we saw the east developing, they had to build the “BERLIN WALL” across the western boarders, to keep their people inside their system! Everybody could see the good life and freedom of the west, while they indoctrinated the young and forced the old to be obedient to their forceful rules.

They did not stop from using brutal force and violence to keep the people locked up in their depressing system.

Living in America during the 1960’s Civil Rights movement, while at the Cornell University Campus, I started to learn what real freedom means. I am non-political by nature and have always taken the middle, more neutral path, when it comes to politics.

I was riding the wave of freedom and prosperity in my new American home for many years. Until the past two years, when an eye-opening experience made me realize, that there is something fundamentally wrong in the free America of recent times.

The two-party system locked into a yes-no and right-wrong stance, which is escalating with vengeance and unreasonableness into today, when I see America resembling 1933 history of Germany! This history is deeply embedded in my mindset.

As we are witnessing the division of “Left/ Right – Socialism/Free Market “escalating to violence in front of our own eyes, I believe that we have now reached a state of emergency.

I believe all Americans, with a clear mind and clear head on their shoulders, must re-examine the gift the founding fathers have given us with the “constitution” as the rock of values and the three -branch government system, which are unique for this country. Where else do you have 330 million people of as many cultures, colors, religious believes live peacefully together with a proven recipe for prosperity!

Although it is not perfect, it has worked for as long as I have lived here and I am grateful, to have had the privilege to experience this kind of living.

May history never be destroyed or rewritten from what it really was! I hope there are still enough people here now, to honor this and pass on to the next generation, before they make a grave mistake!

My deep feelings and worries are, should this country fall to the hands of the very left Socialists and God forbid Communist, this country and the world will suffer for a long time!

If you share this view and want to keep America free, please with join us @MeltingPotPatriots.com.


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