Absolute Liberty Under God

Absolute Liberty Under God

Absolute Liberty under God is the idea that all persons are endowed by their Creator with the absolute and unstoppable freedom to think any thought, speak any word, make any sound, create any product, perfect any service, and share these expressions with any other person anytime they desire, with the understanding that with absolute liberty comes absolute responsibility.

In other words, along with the liberty to share comes the responsibility for the effects of this sharing, and specifically how it affects other human beings and the world.

The balance between absolute liberty and responsibility is expressed through the natural and common laws, which is exist to maintain that one person’s practice of living (laboring, creating, developing property, exercising freedom, associating with others, etc.) is not negatively or uninvitedly interferingly with the practice of other lives.

America was founded upon the idea that God’s gift to man is absolute liberty with the moral restraint of God’s moral laws (“Love thy neighbor as thyself” and “do no harm”) in order to free man’s physical and mental being to be fruitful and multiply and diversify the good, the true, and the beautiful things upon the earth.

With this freedom comes the responsibility to police such freedom, and restrain impulses or desires to exercise this freedom in ways that ultimately destroy it through conflict, distrust, and corrosive and degenerate laws that lead to tyrannical government.

Absolute liberty is the concept that a person has the God given right and accepts responsibility to exercise his body and mind, property, and associations in ways that create products and provide services to other human beings, and no other human beings can alter or outlaw or require payment or grant a license for such exercising such absolute liberty; and that courts of law are created to ensure such absolute liberty and absolute responsibility is preserved.


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